An Overview on Joe Friel's The Triathlete's Training Bible

May 31, 2012

If you are determined to become a winning triathlete, your first step towards that success might be to go through The Triathlete’s Training Bible. This was written by a triathlon expert and coach, Joe Friel. It can basically give you an edge over other triathlon competitors so it is a must-have in every triathlete’s personal library, based on triathlon book reviews.


  • Lessons on self-training. If you are training solo without a coach, the biggest enemy that you can have is yourself. If you lose motivation, nothing else will work. The book can help you fan that fire of motivation within you and maintain it during training until the race. Without enough motivation, you will lose strength and even the strictest training workout would not do anything to improve your performance. You can also read about how important a sense of commitment is for a triathlete. If you lose focus and determination, you would not be able to stick to your training and mess it up. The result would be a frustrating performance during the actual race.
  • Theories vs. the actual training. Joe Friel looks into how confusing it must be for triathletes to move from learning the theories to the actual training time. The book touches on how the theories can affect a triathlete’s progress in training. This way, all confusions would get some clarification.
  • Training goal. According to the triathlon training book, a triathlete would not improve his skills without even setting a goal during training. It is not enough for one to know that he is preparing for an actual race. The book also makes it clear what a triathlete needs for training and how these needs should be satisfied.
  • Training schedule. The most critical content of the book is all about how a triathlete should set a training schedule until the competition itself. The skill of creating this schedule every week can affect one’s training regimen.
  • The competition and recovery. Joe Friel uses his experience in relating to his readers some important tips before, during and after the race. His book also discusses what needs to be done to aid the body towards recovery after all the trouble that it has to go through during training. The book talks about the importance of giving the body some time to rest first before gearing up for the next competition.
  • Winning tips. Every triathlete would want to have a good triathlon record, even if it is only a personal record. According to Joe Friel’s book, a true triathlete needs to be willing to go the extra step to ensure that his performance is better than the last time even during training. In this part of the book, the readers are given lessons about diet, swimming techniques, weight training, and other pointers.

Less Favorable Reviews

The most common drawback that readers of The Triathlete’s Training Bible talk about is how it intimidates new triathletes. According to triathlon book reviews, it is not actually ideal for first time triathletes.

However, Joe Friel has another book prepared for these new triathletes called “Your First Triathlon.”


From experienced to new triathletes, reading The Triathlete’s Training Bible would be very helpful. It aims to help you achieve a satisfying experience every time you join a triathlon.

You can find a lot of triathlon books in the market now. If you want to find the best book, you should read several triathlon book reviews first just to be sure.

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