Analysis Of Used Commercial Fitness Equipment

July 9, 2014



Used commercial gym equipment is truly the last thing in the mind of someone who wishes to get fit. Many folks will frequently venture out into a big box store and get a brand new treadmill or elliptical thinking they are likely to now get fit. When you really intend on utilizing your new bit of gym equipment then you will find out very quickly how the mass produced home gym market includes a hidden secret they are keeping from your masses, what they don’t realize is that they are buying a ticking bomb that is able to go off in 6 months because.

They don’t really want you to determine because should you the equipment won’t last. You can see the home gym equipment manufacturers recognize that each year especially around New Year’s we want to get fit and then we view the newest infomercial with this treadmill or that elliptical. We take our a credit card out making the buying the in a few weeks to a month our new shiny toy shows up therefore we may use the treadmill or elliptical for a couple weeks or perhaps a month but the novelty wears off very soon and quickly you will have a pretty expensive paperweight or clothes line.

If you really consider utilizing the equipment, that’s why while in this used commercial gym equipment review I am just telling you that this commercial manufacturer’s marketplace is a much better value for your money. The commercial gym market needs to manufacture a product or service that was designed to be employed 24 hours a day 7 days per week because many professional health clubs are open on a regular basis. The home gym manufacturers should spend less and also since they realize that the average Joe will undoubtedly workout maybe 2-3 times every week for a month or two they scrimp to produce a product within a $1000 but you’ll quickly realize the repair costs start eating away at your savings this is why health clubs use either brand used or new commercial gym equipment. The public may well not realize there exists a difference in quality but professional gyms and health clubs do which is the reason there is a broadening gap involving the manufacturers since the cost to generate a piece of exercise equipment that is designed to last for years of heavy use can be pretty expensive.

So, it’s that old saying pay me now or pay me later but you’re going to pay me this is why the used commercial gym equipment marketplace is booming since you receive the best of both worlds. You receive a professional health club machine at often discount prices that rival or even beat prices to get a new home gym. You need to be careful you do your research and ensure the company is reputable, they have their own full-time repair team and they hand inspect every bit of commercial fitness equipment that leaves their warehouse.


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