Change a Child’s Life … for time and eternity

November 22, 2010

Face the Children* (FTC) is dedicated to rescuing, protecting, and changing the lives of abused, abandoned, or dangerously neglected (AADN) “street children” in the Philippines. In the past several years FTC has served thousands of meals, and provided a variety of assistance to children in need. Some 40 of these children have been served long term, with 32 currently being cared for full time at the FTC Children’s Center.

The goal of FTC is not orphanages in the traditional sense, but rather to develop a long term sustainable system that offers safety, loving care, education, and opportunity to children in need. We seek solutions, and our dream is to bring these scared and scarred children full circle; from a life of abuse and neglect, to one of blessing and success. A life that one day finds them giving back as healthy successful leaders in the future.

Recently we received a phone call and the following challenge:

“We want to help you finish the FTC dorm-home for the girls. But we also want to see the next one built to serve the boys. According to your projections you will need $80,000 to do this. So, we’ve established a matching fund offer: Everything FTC raises up to $40,000 by Dec 31, 2010 will be matched dollar for dollar.”
We thought of the words of Jesus, “to him who has, more will be given.” We felt the Lord was both honoring and challenging our faith. We had started the first FTC children’s home even though we did not have enough to finish it. Now the Lord was saying, “You can finish this one, if you’ll believe for the next one.”

Each of the buildings will be home to as many as 18 children. The children are cared for full time, and receive an excellent Christian education at the Frontline Christian Academy, Inc.

So on behalf of the FTC children we invite you to act now and partner with us. Your giving will go twice as far, since every dollar will be matched.

Act now! You can donate through PayPal or our eStore by clicking on one of the following buttons. You can also donate via check. This is a great investment opportunity. Give now and know that your investment will continue to grow and give back in the future.
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