Do You Know the Limits of Your General Liability Policy?

January 22, 2014

Liability Insurance MassachusettsProfessional general liability is an essential type of coverage for businesses in Massachusetts to have. In addition to just taking out a policy, it is essential that managers and business owners understand the coverage and limits of a typical policy for liability insurance in Massachusetts. Here is a primer on basic coverage under commercial general liability.


What Does General Liability Cover?


When other people are injured or sustain damage to their property either on your property or because of your business operations, commercial general liability insurance kicks in. Within certain limits, general liability will pay for costs of legal defense as well as any damages awarded to the plaintiff. Although this coverage is crucial, it is not typically enough to protect a business against the full range of claims that may be made.


What Does General Liability Exclude?


Often, general liability policies cannot cover issues of professional liability, directors and officers liability, and privacy issues or cyber liability. Auto-related claims and claims made by workers are never covered under general liability. Depending on the line of work, it is usually necessary for a business to complement its liability insurance with another policy.


This is why it is worth looking at policies for liability insurance in Massachusetts through reputable companies that offers personalized plans. The best insurance providers will work with businesses to highlight gaps in coverage and create customized policies that provide full protection without unnecessary coverage.

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