Meeting the Unique Insurance Needs of the Energy Industry

October 30, 2013

Energy Insurance San FranciscoBusinesses operating within the energy industry need insurance coverage that is designed to meet needs that extend well beyond the parameters of standard businesses insurance policies. Owners of gasoline stations, fuel transportation companies, and distributors of hazardous materials such as oil, kerosene, gasoline, or propane need coverage that provides protection to safely work within their complex industry. Energy Insurance in San Francisco is designed to meet the needs of businesses within the energy industry by providing necessary risk management services and protection against devastating financial loss.

Full Protection for Businesses

The first step in ensuring full coverage when purchasing energy insurance in San Francisco is to work with an insurance company that has experience working within the energy industry. Comprehensive insurance coverage should include the basics such as Auto, Business, Liability and Workers Compensation coverage. In addition, the unique demands of energy industries require additional protection for:

  • Spills and pollution clean up
  • Delivery errors
  • Contamination
  • Theft
  • Property damage
  • Accidents
  • Terminal Access Card coverage
  • Business interruption

Risk Management

While comprehensive insurance coverage is a vital aspect of any successful business financial plan, steps should be taken to mitigate risks before they have a chance to create problems. A qualified insurance company should also be able to assist in providing solutions for:

  • Creating safety procedures
  • Employee safety training
  • Driver training programs
  • Claim analysis
  • Spill management
  • Liability exposure reduction

By combining the very best of full loss protection and risk management, companies operating within the energy industry can be prepared to meet the unique demands of their complex industry.

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