Significance Of Focus In Training and Life From A Denver Personal Trainer

December 30, 2011

Something that I think almost everyone can benefit from is reevaluating their focus. This is one thing that is not clear to me but gradually, I am having a grasp of it. In the realm of fitness I think it is easy for people influenced by Crossfit (as I have been) to become unfocused. If you are involved in this Crossfit, then for sure you are also working hard to maintain the

high level of your power and skills that you have gained from this training. Most people who are involved in Crossfit always want to display their fastest workout for a day and feel disappointed at times whenever

they will notice that they are slower. I certainly experienced this because I am very greedy when it comes to results: I want it all. Actually, everybody is feeling this way? The problem is that greediness

can create a lack of focus if you are acquainted with all the cool things you can train you body to do.

One of the good things that Crossfit has taught me is to know the different aspect of fitness

training. Weight

lifting, basic gymnastics, how to run fast, to withstand things that I really thought I am not capable of doing. Those are all very cool things and it is an amazing contribution of Crossfit to have brought those different

aspects together under the umbrella of fitness. If you are a novice in this program, you will be required to do all of these things for a while. This is one of the great thing that starter will experience and it is only ironic that the person who is telling

that he is not able to perform at the same level of the experienced is basically having the best fitness training that he ever have. It is amazing to know that a beginner rate of adaptation can be compared to a veteran athlete.

Once the beginner’s gain period is over, the real and actual training will now begin where you will do everything that your body will be allowed to do and yet, you will have the

feeling that your expectation on the improvements in your body is not actually happening regardless of your intense effort but minimal recovery. This is the perfect time that you need to pause and refocus yourself.

This has been a constant challenge for me personally as an athlete and as a coach. There are times that I am overweight and often sick which make me to embark in the journey of fitness program. It is hard for me to see any increase on the scale and

around my middle as a failure, but I also want to be as strong as I was when I was 50-70lbs heavier. Today, I am reminding my clients that are raring to have the body comp changes that they must learn the things that

they need to do before achieving the changes in their bodies and learn to keep their focus on important things.

The principle above is not only used for fitness program, but can also be applied in your personal life. If you are trying to get your finances in order you must stay focused on your goals. If you are trying to change the way you spend you time or how you do your work focus

will also be critical. There are two key decisions for attaining focus and that is deciding what you are going to do and

deciding what you will no longer do. Even if you are the busy type of person, you should learn to pause for a moment and think of something new that you can instill in your daily life. If you are busy

and most of us are you must always stop doing something your are doing now in order to start doing something new. The real definition of focus is not to make additional activities in your current lifestyle, and instead, it means the opposite; there are things that you must stop from

doing even for a moment only. To stop the activities that you are used of doing is considered the most effective ways in achieving focus. Although stopping from doing things you are accustomed to is hard to do this one is also considered to be the most effective way in attaining focus. Now that you have learned these things, it will now be up to you to implement this knowledge and let us know if it has helped you.

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