Successful Strategies and Tactics to win a Tennis Match

November 11, 2010

Proper planning helps to gain success in ever sphere and it can also be applied to win a tennis match. Other then the mental strength an effective strategy can help to follow the right approach with suitable alterations to win the tennis match.  Facing a strong opponent, pre- match anxiety, bad line call etc often creates a lot of stress on the players. With proper training, continuous practice, developing new strategies can help in minimizing that pressure.

To form a strategy it is not necessary to be in the tennis court or hold the racket and ball. Proper involvement with clear knowledge about the different shots can easily help to find the right way. Various online sports guide can be of great use in such cases .We often find players applying different types of unusual shots with funny movement beating the experienced players. Other than the fancy techniques there must be something more behind their success – strategy. Few evaluations should be made while framing the strategy which is as follow

Things to Consider while formulating Tennis Strategy

1.    Know about every aspect of the game thoroughly
2.    Find out more about the different types of shots clearly
3.    Know personal strength and weaknesses
4.    Study the opponent’s weakness from  previous matches
5.    Understand the personality of the opponent to cause discomfort  

Tennis strategies mainly involve blending these findings along with the natural and learned techniques to win the match. On the other hand, tennis tactics are the practical applications or ways to achieve the strategies which helps to make the right move against every shot of the opponent. Consider these following questions to apply the right tactic

1.    How to hit the first and second serves
2.    Which direction the opponent serves back
3.    How the opponent plays the baseline
4.    Where the opponent aims his or her volleys and overheads
5.    Where the opponent aims while passing the shot

Choosing the right way to hit the ball is vital. Maintaining the energy level till the end of the match is also crucial. Try to exhaust the opponent by making him or her run more then what is required. With repetitive practice it becomes easy to handle any situation at different stage of the match.

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