The Experience Of Pipe Smoking Compared To The Convenience Of Cigarettes

July 28, 2011

These days, pipe smoking has become something of an eccentricity. The more old-fashioned way of enjoying tobacco has fallen by the wayside due to the larger availability of filtered cigarettes and the like. However, many smokers find that there is a unique sensation to be had when smoking a pipe. Not only is there a certain element of ceremony or ritual about preparing the pipe and priming it, but the feeling of smoking it is very different to the typical cigarette experience also. In this article, we will look at the preparation, the different kinds of pipe, including meerschaum pipes, the advantages and disadvantages of pipes compared to cigarettes.

Preparing the Pipe

Preparation will certainly seem very laborious to someone used to cigarettes from a pack. Where a cigarette is a self-contained unit that can be quick and easy to use, a pipe requires more finesse. There is art involved in preparing a pipe, and each smoker will have a slightly different approach. For example, people will differ in how much tobacco they press into the pipe, and how firmly they do so. Finding the best procedure for you personally is one of the best-loved parts of learning to smoke a pipe.

Choosing a Variety

There are a great many different styles and designs of pipe out there. The differences are not all aesthetic, either. Many smokers find that the different pipe materials contribute to different flavors. You can get pipes made from wood or clay. Meerschaum pipes are made from a soft white mineral, most of which is imported from Turkey and the Black Sea. Some users of meerschaum pipes feel that the material imparts its own special flavor due to absorbing some of the chemicals from the tobacco.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Obviously, people differ in what they consider a good thing. For some, a pipe of any kind will be pointless, unnecessary hassle; why bother when you can just use a cigarette? However, many pipe smokers feel that cigarettes are ugly, impersonal things that do not lend anywhere near the experience of a good pipe. Pipes are therefore for connoisseurs. They are ideal for people who value ritual and preparation and the search for the perfect smoke.


Whether or not pipe smoking is for you is a very personal question. No one can tell you what to prefer. Some smokers will prefer to stay with the simple, easy cigarette option. Others will go out and buy a pipe, possibly even an expensive and elaborate model like one of the meerschaum pipes. For those who are willing to put in the extra effort, embrace the complex, and elaborate nature of preparing and smoking a pipe, there is a whole world to be gained.

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