Which Lighter Fluid Is Best For Zippos?

July 27, 2011

If you enjoy smoking cigars and pipes, you will need to find the best lighter fluid for Zippo lighters. Lighter fluid is a chemical compound used to fuel small devices with odorless gas when ignited. Each type of lighter fluid on the market has its own benefits and disadvantages. Before you invest in your lighter fluid in bulk, understand the benefits and disadvantages of each type of fuel. With a small amount of research, you can invest in the best fuel source to light your fine cigars and pipes.


Butane is one of the most common gases used in Zippo lighters. One of the major advantages of butane lighters is that they are affordable and easy to refill when the fuel runs out. These lighters are inexpensive if you plan to use them frequently. Butane has the most advantages and is less toxic than other forms of fuel. The fuel can be stored inside and contains about 12 percent more energy than propane and other forms of liquid gas. While Butane does contain more energy than propane, it also is heavier than other fuels.


Propane is also a liquid lighter fluid for Zippo refillable lighters. Propane fuel has an even and odorless burn that does not affect the smoking experience. While propane does not have as much energy as butane, it does contain more than enough energy the power Zippos with a windproof flame. Propane does not have to be refilled quite as often because it is not as heavy as butane. The fuel is a bit more expensive than butane; however, it will last longer for individuals who use their lighter more often.

Where to Purchase Zippo Lighter Fluid

When you are shopping for lighter fluid it is important to find sources where you can invest in fluid for less. Budget-minded cigar smokers purchase their lighter fluid in bulk on the Internet. The Internet gives you the power to compare prices from around the world to find the most affordable seller and product. When you compare fluid online, you can research the reputation of the seller and the quality of the product to make sure you are making the best investment. Before you commit to buying a specific lighter fluid, be sure to compare the cost of shipping along with the product’s price.

Zippo lighters are windproof lighting applications that have earned a positive reputation over the last century. If you want to refill your Zippo, it is important to find the best lighter fluid for Zippo lighters. Make sure to do your homework and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fluid. When you make an educated decision, you will know what exactly you are investing in.

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