Why Liability Coverage Is Important For Medical Professionals

February 25, 2013

errors and omissions insurance medical professionalIn many ways, an insurance policy’s value is measured in the coverage it provides. Some policies provide a broad coverage that addresses a number of common needs while other policies are more particular. Particular policies, such as errors and omissions insurance medical professional liability insurance, may not be as broad as others but the coverage that they do provide is specific to concerns that aren’t addressed by other policies.

Coverage Intended for Professionals

To get a better idea of the importance of errors and omissions insurance medical professional coverage, it’s helpful to understand how this insurance is different from a general liability policy. Typically, a general liability policy will cover property damage, personal injury, bodily injury, and advertising injury. These lines of coverage are valuable to anyone providing a service, though professionals will require additional lines of liability coverage. These additional coverages include:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Violation of good faith
  • Violation of fair dealing
  • Negligence

You can see how these lines of coverage specifically address concerns unique to medical professionals. People providing precise hands-on services to the public simply won’t be adequately served by a more general policy.

A More Focused Coverage

While an errors and omissions insurance medical professional policy may not appear as comprehensive as other forms of liability coverage, the fact that it addresses highly specific needs is very important. Medical providers and other professionals need to feel confident that the insurance they’ve chosen is going to be helpful. To maximize the value you get from your insurance coverage, purchase the policies that serve you best.


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