3 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Used Car In Colorado Springs

May 23, 2011

If you are in the market for a new vehicle it is important to do your research on used vehicles before you invest your hard-earned money.  Buying a vehicle is a commitment.  Just like any commitment, you should make an informed decision by doing your research.  The first thing to consider is your budget.  Set a strict budget before you test drive vehicles and do not go over this budget.  You will also need to consider the monthly operational costs of the vehicle.  These costs include gas, Colorado Springs auto insurance, and monthly maintenance costs.  When you know what to expect you can equip yourself with buying power.

Check Vehicle History Reports and Recall Information

The Internet is a wonderful thing.  Before you even test drive a vehicle you can run car history reports on a vehicle to see if it has ever been involved in a collision.  Ask the seller for the vehicle’s VIN number and run the report before you proceed.  It is also recommended to research recall information on the vehicle.  Consumer rating sites will list some of the most common problems experienced with each make and model on the market.  If a specific make has a high level of mechanical problems reported, you may want to consider a different model.

Quote Colorado Springs Auto Insurance

If you have run a car history report and everything comes back clear, quote insurance for the vehicle.  Drivers assume that a vehicle that is inexpensive has inexpensive insurance.  This is not always the case.  Colorado Springs auto insurance premiums are determined by claims statistics.  If the vehicle costs a lot to repair, it will have a higher premium.  Obtain several different quotes for full coverage and liability coverage before you choose a vehicle.

Always Make Sure the Vehicle Has a Clean Title and Registration

If you have test driven the vehicle and it runs like a dream you have one last factor to consider before you make an offer.  As an honest person, you would hope sellers would be honest to you.  This is not always the case and dishonesty can cost you a lot of money.  Ask the seller to review the vehicle registration.  You may need to contact the DMV to make sure fees and fines are paid.  You should also ask to see a clean title before you hand over the money.  If the vehicle has a lien or unpaid fines, it will become a hassle for you.

After you have run history reports, quoted Colorado Springs auto insurance, and checked for unpaid fines, you can make an offer.  Walk into your purchase with buying power.  Always bring a copy of the value of a vehicle and negotiate a fair price.


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