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4 Environmental Concerns for the Real Estate Industry

Unlike other assets, real estate does not move. As such, environmental hazards may pose a greater risk to the real estate industry than other business sectors. Real estate industry insurance can help companies against these common environmental issues.

Mold Contamination

As seen on, environmental liabilities and exposures create complex challenges for the industry. Mold contamination is always present, but it creates problems in a building when trapped in the HVAC, growing on the walls or due to leaks in the roof. Mold can cause health problems if not mitigated.

Water Pollution

Even properties not near a body of water can have issues with water pollution. Underground water pollution can impact the ground above causing soil toxicity. While acid rain has decreased, it can still negatively impact a building or the surrounding grounds.

Air Pollution

Air pollution affects those who breathe in the toxins as well as the plants. The air can then leave pollution on the ground causing lower quality soil.

Radioactive Pollution

While most radioactive pollution is caused by large companies, radon gas is undetectable. Some locations have a higher risk of radon exposure than others. A simple test can determine whether a building has radon.

Not all environmental hazards are easy to detect before purchasing a product. Protect your business with real estate industry insurance.

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