A Word From Our Sponsor On Excess Protection For Auto Coverage

April 30, 2012

With the cost of repairs and legal fees it may not take long for your insured to exhaust the primary auto limits. This is when having excess auto coverage can save your insured from extensive out of pocket expenses. This may be especially true for certain types of exposures.
Anytime your insured is in the business of transporting people their exposure to losses if an accident should occur are extensive. Without excess auto coverage in place it could put a burden on the company’s finances that could put the company’s future at stake. Also, any big trucks that are carrying merchandize for delivery has an exposure for a large loss should an accident occur.
Having excess auto will not take care of the underlying deductibles, but will stop any additional financial burden for your insured after they have reached their limit of liability on their primary coverage. An example is if there were an accident with a loaded shuttle bus, the possibility for bodily injury claims could reach well beyond the primary coverage limits of liability.
As an insurance agent you do your pest to make sure that your insured’s have adequate coverages for their business. You know that business owners that fail to have the right coverages in place can end up being a very costly mistake. Help your insured by getting the excess coverage they need to complete their auto insurance.

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