An Outfit Guide for Whitewater Rafting Geeks

October 30, 2011

Whether or not the weather goes bad, whitewater rafting always require proper attire; there’s no exception to the rule. Rafting in popular places like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, even in the mildest rapids, remains an extreme sport. It will not be called by its name if not for the dangers faced by the rafters along the way. The raft can flip over or smash hard against waves and rocks. With the proper gear, the rafters are safe and remain insulated, especially on cold waters.


Extreme sports like whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg often involve wearing several layers of clothing. A rafting outfit includes a swimsuit as the first layer, since they will get wet in their journey. Most excursionists intend to go swimming in calm spots after rafting. They can easily take off their protective gear and go swimming on their swim suits without having to bring extra bags.


A lightweight shirt may help reduce the effect of intense sunlight. Although rafters often get wet by waves and splashes, they can still get a bad case of sunburn, especially during summer season when rafting is most popular. During winter, rafters are advised to wear sweat shirts. Extreme cold intensified by sweating can immobilize them, preventing them from controlling the raft, which is a major cause of overturning.


Whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg is a journey that requires an entry and an exit point. If all the crew members will join in the ride and no one will be left at the starting point to look after their stuff, then the baggage can be brought along in the raft. However, to keep them dry and clean, rafters can place them in well-sealed plastic bags. Dry clothes to be worn after the ride must be prioritized.


Two pairs of shoes make for an easy rafting trip. One pair is used for walking on rough terrain like rocky riverbanks, and the other for rafting. Rafting footwear must be waterproof. It is mainly used to protect his feet from the stony riverbed and rough rocks in case the wearer falls off.


A rain gear is also a vital dress needed in whitewater rafting Pigeon Forge is known for. It normally consists of a rubber jacket and a pair of pants. This is meant to secure the rafters from sudden thunderstorms which can occur even in the fairest weather. This set of equipment suits the whereabouts of a rafting adventure and keeps participants from potential physical injuries.

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