Android tablet devices fight for individuality (Appolicious)

April 28, 2011

The Android tablet market has seen a lot of activity this past week, but still can’t quite catch up to the iPad. With Sony’s (SNE) announcement of the S1 and S2, and the unveiling of the LG G-Slate, we see signs of innovation with dual-screen tablets, 4G speeds and 3D capabilities. Not only are manufacturers hoping to leverage Google’s (GOOG) Android OS to contend with the successful Apple (AAPL) tablet, but they’re pushing features that help each device stand out from the rest.

Mossberg leaves G-Slate to Android fanboys

Is the tablet market pushing new products in vain? A harsh review from tech reviewer Walt Mossberg concludes that the G-Slate is no match compared to the iPad 2. “I’ve been testing the G-Slate, and in my view, it performs pretty well overall—about as well as the first Honeycomb tablet, the Xoom. But it isn’t nearly as good a choice as the iPad 2,” Mossberg writes. He goes on to say that it’s still a good choice for Android fans, the biggest differentiating perk being 4G support.

Nook Color bricks tablets, seeks app makers

Other Android tablets are facing troubles of their own. The B&N (BKS) Nook Color, which just released a significant update to version 1.2, is reportedly bricking some devices. The update is an official shift for the Nook Color, making it a full Android tablet. While it’s being run through automatically, those too antsy to wait have run into some serious problems. Some users have complained that the tablet is resetting, rendering it useless. There are few details revealing the cause of these issues.

Despite the possible update issues, the Nook Color’s new Android status has helped it attract more app makers. American Airlines (AMR) is an early supporter, releasing an app to check flight notifications and details, as well as status and schedules. The free app also includes mobile boarding passes, access to your AAdvantage miles, and even play a game of Sudoku.

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