Announcing the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2015

September 28, 2014

Announcing the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2015


If you have enjoyed the previous Red Bull kiteboarding events this year, you’ll surely love the upcoming King of the Air for the month of January and February, this 2015. The Red Bull King just recently announce the names of the kiteboarders and other participants who are generally invited for this event scheduled to be run in about 31st and 15th of January and February 2015 at the beautiful beach shores of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s one of the most anticipated kiteboarding events of next year’s season.

With professional kiteboarders on the list, including the famous Kevin Langeree, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Herbert, Reno Romeu, Steven Akkersdijk, Jesse Richman and Billy Parker. The rest are the names such as Andries Fourie, Nick Jacobsen, Gianni Aragno and Jerrie van Kop. They all want to try the ultimate and the most amazing race in the air that is the biggest airs in a flag-out competition format ever. It will be the most awesome kiteboarding competition ever.

Announcing the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2015
Kevin Langeree, one of the most prolific and professional kiteboarders all over the world, has agreed for some interview and he even stated, “I just can’t wait for the KOTA 2015 and this event is such an amazing one for sure. It is the most extreme, fun, and the best way to show what kiteboarding is all about and how kiteboarding really meant to all of us. The vibe around the beach shore is just magical and exquisite. It will be a total knockout event for next year.”

“There are twenty-four best big air kiteboarders in the world that are ready to compete for the title and they are pushing themselves and each other to go bigger and bigger for all what it takes. With just about that thinking, it gets me so fired up and thinking of better ways for the skills to do. I’ve been training a bunch this year to prepare myself even better than last year so I can hopefully defend my title in 2015,” he added.

With everything that is happening around, the sky is their limit. The 2014 edition of the Red Bull King of the Air brought 12,000 people to the sands of Cape Town. All the guests, participants and loved ones who have joined the last competition witnessed huge airs and scary wipe-outs, as Kevin Langeree claimed and took home the trophy of the winning spot.

The lists above are not yet complete because there are still 12 wildcards to get picked through/or from the online entries and social voting. The complete roster of 24 participants then will be locked in as soon as the wildcards are ready. So for those who want to join the competition, you all better get yourself buffed up, geared and well-prepared to sign up and ready your gears for the upcoming KOTA 2015. It’s a one time opportunity to experience something out-of-this-world action and non-stop cheering for your favorites.

Make sure all of you wouldn’t miss this one out. See you all soon at the event!

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