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Liability Protection for Nurses

Malpractice claims against nurses have risen substantially over the last few years. Even if the claim is only a perceived wrongful act, the costs can be substantial. Professional Liability Coverage Professional liability insurance for nurses is essential protection against unwanted lawsuits. Many nurses think that the liability insurance coverage provided by their employer will protect them […]

An Alternative to Traditional Workers’ Comp

If your business has employees, it is essential to budget for workers’ compensation. This can be taxing for some businesses since they are required to make a large up-front payment at the beginning of the year. An alternative is pay-as-you-go workers’ comp insurance, which can alleviate a number of headaches associated with the traditional model. […]

Can knowing x-dates help you make a sale?

When it comes to insurance marketing, one tool that many agencies use is insurance x dates, or the date in which a business’s current insurance policy expires. When a person or business’s coverage expires, they may choose to search for a new policy. You can use x dates to your advantage. Most People Want to […]

Liability Insurance for Restaurants

Restaurants have a lot of responsibilities to manage in their day-to-day operations. Staffing, food preparation, customer service, cleanliness, and equipment maintenance are just a few of the many moving pieces that go into managing a successful restaurant. It’s important for restaurant owners and managers to safeguard their operations with comprehensive insurance that can address a […]

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