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Insuring a Vacation Home

You likely need to purchase a separate insurance policy for your holiday or seasonal home to protect its structure and contents. Vacation home coverages protect your second home from common risks. Common Insurance Risks Often the appealing benefits of a vacation home also make it a more significant insurance risk. Location– Sometimes, the desirable area […]

How the Right Insurance Can Keep Grocery Stores Protected

Grocery stores provide an essential service for customers and for this reason need protection from the various liabilities they are exposed to, including customer injuries, thefts, and property damage. With a comprehensive grocery store insurance policies, these crucial businesses can secure their most valuable assets.  Why Do Grocery Stores Need Coverage?  There is no guaranteeing […]

Insurance for Rental Properties

Anyone that does business with rental units, whether hotels, condos, boarding houses, or home leases, should consider the value of purchasing habitational insurance. This is a unique insurance plan that offers coverage for residential properties that are used commercially in situations where a standard property insurance policy would not be effective. As an owner of […]

MPL Insurance Explained

You and your employees work hard to make sure that the services and advice you provide to clients to meet the high standards demanded by today’s competitive marketplace. No matter how careful you are, however, mistakes and unforeseen problems can occur and can lead to costly litigation. Adding a miscellaneous professional liability policy to your […]

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