Can knowing x-dates help you make a sale?

When it comes to insurance marketing, one tool that many agencies use is insurance x dates, or the date in which a business’s current insurance policy expires. When a person or business’s coverage expires, they may choose to search for a new policy. You can use x dates to your advantage.

Most People Want to Save Money

As a business’s insurance policy ends, they may be thinking about how they could save money with a different agency. This is your chance to develop a message that targets them specifically. Many businesses will be open to hearing about your coverage options if you offer a better deal than the one that they were receiving before. You can either offer lower prices or more benefits for the price.

Advanced Knowledge Helps Your Strategy

The expiration date of a business’s insurance policies provides you with an opportunity to come up with a game plan. You have time to figure out how to market your insurance policies in a way that will successfully generate a new client. Think about how much the business is selling and what insurance options could benefit them.

If you know the insurance x dates, you can market yourself to the right business, knowing that you have what it takes to provide them with all of their needs. X dates give you an advantage when it comes to marketing.

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