Converting A House Into A Home

August 25, 2011

What makes a house a home is in the details that are provided by the homeowner. Many improvements can be made to a house that will achieve this effect and front exterior doors are one of these improvements. With many designs, materials, and accessories to select from, it is possible for someone to find options that will create a unique entryway they can call their own.

The dominate materials available for entry doors are steel, fiberglass, and wood. Steel doors, being the cheapest, are the most popular of the three. They make up half of the market concerning material selection. This cost-effective option does come with some drawbacks. Consumer reports shows that these doors do not provide the longevity of the other two. Fiberglass is another option and may last longer than steel, but aesthetically the wood door may be superior. Maintaining the beauty of a wood door will require more maintenance than the other two but with proper care, wood will outlast the less expensive options.

The design of a front exterior door will vary greatly from basic to grand. A basic door will be the standard six panel design that looks like every other house on the block. This is also the most affordable. To improve upon this; arches, side panels, double doors, unique panel layouts, and windows can be considered. Each of these upgrades and the amount of glass used in the design will drive up the cost. It may be necessary to compromise between the overall appeal of the door and the price.

The third thing to consider in creating a unique entry way is the accessories that will be used. Any material or design can be improved by a simple hardware upgrade. Matching the quality level of the door to that of the hardware should be considered too. It would not be cost-effective to install a polished brass high-end door pull to a basic steel door design. While it may look nicer than a basic knob, the value of this upgrade will be reduced by the door itself. Depending upon the homeowner’s preference, door material, and design, there are many options available. The three most popular options are the standard knob, lever, and classical pull. Matching the handle finish with the hinges will provide the finishing touches.

Creating a personal feel that adds a bit of character to a house can be achieved before you ever step inside. Front exterior doors can provide that character. The potential variations and combinations of materials, designs, and accessories will allow a homeowner to get creative. The entryway is noticed more than any other feature of a home and will be an improvement that will have a major impact.


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