Decorative Choices For The Front Door

August 24, 2011

The front door of a home is the first thing examined by someone coming to visit.  Much like the first time people meet, the front door is sort of the first impression of a home that a person receives; this makes it that much more important to really show off what a house is about by making a beautiful choice when selecting a front door.  Whether you have glass, wood, or iron front doors for homes, the material selected should go with the rest of the décor, both inside and out.

Glass is a beautiful option when it comes to front doors; the entire door will not be made from this material, but using decorative glass when combined with wood or iron can make for a beautiful piece of art that represents the entry of a home.  There are a few important decisions when it comes to glass – caming, privacy, and the shape.  Caming is the metal banding that is used to hold the glass in place and comes in a wide range of possible finishes.  The privacy of the front door is determined by the opacity of the glass, which can also affect the amount of light that reaches the foyer.

Having iron front doors for homes is both a decorative and security choice.  The flexibility of iron makes it a solid choice for gates that are elaborate pieces of art, while still providing great protection.  The doors that can be made of iron provide all sorts of options; these can be combined with glass and wood to add additional touches and designed in such a way as not to jeopardize the integrity of the protection.  The main benefit with iron is that the price difference between plain iron and decorations that are more elaborate does not have a wide range, because of this people get a beautiful piece of artwork and solid protection all in one.

Wood is a common option and ranges from plain blank doors to elegantly engraved artwork.  Wood is great because it is hard, durable, and can last for years.  Most paint jobs can last a lifetime without fading if well cared for and is easy to replace if the color of the house is changed.  Glass set in the doors is usually laminated safety glass to prevent injury during accidents.  Not to mention the wooden doors are glazed to hold in heat better, which saves on utility bills.

Deciding to go with iron front doors for homes is a smart choice, but so is glass and wood; the best is probably a combination of two or possibly all three.  The material costs for any of them are low enough that there are beautiful options for every budget.  Finding what fits perfectly for a person’s home is probably the hardest choice.


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