EuroSurf Junior 2014 at Azores Islands, Portugal

September 26, 2014

EuroSurf Junior 2014 at Azores Islands, Portugal

Good day everyone. It’s a nice weather and the whole place is greeted with the warm shine of the sun and the perfect winds and waves to start the whole EuroSurf Junior 2014 held at the prestigious and one of the most gorgeous places all over the world, the Praia de Santa Barbara in the Azores Islands of Portugal.

Tim Bisso of France, one of the best surfers of his country, led the whole crew and even the entire France to victory during the said event.

Tim Bisso led France to victory in the Eurosurf Junior 2014, held at Praia de Santa Barbara, in the Azores Islands, Portugal. The event run by the European Surfing Federation (ESF), the governing body for surfing in the Old Continent, crowned champions in eight divisions. It was a sunny sky day and everyone is very excited for the said event. One meter waves greeted the participants or surfers from 15 different countries to compete and aim for the winning spot.

The Eurosurf Junior 2014, which is part of the Under 18 Surfing Final, had two French surfers in which it included Tim Bisso, a German surf rider and an Irish competitor that completes the whole participants for the most awaited event of the season. Tim Bisso and Nelson Cloarec, also a French surfer, stole the top positions and helped consolidating their country’s advantage.

“This is a very good result for my career. It will boost me in the future. I’ve overcome myself, it’s the reward for all my efforts. In the last month, I’ve regained my confidence. Thank you to all my coaches. What’s nice is the support of coaches on my surfing and how the things went well. Thank you to them, and to all the staff. It is truly a great week.” happily expressed by this year’s top rank Tim Bisso.

In the overall tally, France collects the 10th team trophy and then it includes their 9th consecutive victory at the EuroSurf Junior this year. That includes the individual titles that went straight ahead to Benoit Carpentier of the Under 18 Longboard category, Marco Mignot of the Under 14 Surfing category and then Leo Paul Etienne of the Under 16 Surfing category. They are truly in it to win it.

In the women’s division, Keisha Eyre of England took the Under 18 Surfing Women’s title. Then there’s Miguel Adão of Portugal who raised their flag at the Under 18 Bodyboard division. In the Under 18 Surfing Women’s competition, Alexandra Rinder of Germany took home the first place.

To all the winners of the EuroSurf Junior 2014, congratulations and hopefully it will be a successful one for next year’s surfing event.

If you have missed something and the final listing of all the participants and winners of the EuroSurf Junior 2014, here are the final team standings:

  1. France, 10970
  2. Spain, 9619
  3. Portugal, 8664
  4. Morocco, 7841
  5. Ireland, 6388
  6. Channel Islands, 6333
  7. Germany, 6248
  8. Wales, 6178
  9. Belgium, 6138
  10. England, 5228
  11. Italy, 4315
  12. Denmark, 1675
  13. Norway, 1308
  14. Sweden, 1298
  15. Austria, 610

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