Exercising with Breathing Problems

September 21, 2014

If you suffer from breathing problems, exercising without triggering a breathing issue may seem impossible. However, individuals who have trouble breathing can learn how to exercise in a healthy way. It is important to listen to yourself and your body, but it is possible for people with breathing problems to maintain a healthy level of exercise.

 Although individuals are often tempted to jump right into exercise, this practice is dangerous for people with breathing problems. Ensure that your body has the proper time to warm up before you start your training regimen. It’s also important to include cool down periods in your exercise routine.  This way, your heart rate and breathing rhythm will have enough time to return safely to their natural level. 

If you experience breathing trouble, try to breathe in and out of your nose during exercise. If you must break this pattern, exhale through your mouth, but try to do so through pursed lips rather than an open mouth. Using this technique can keep your breathing regular and help you extend your training session. 

Long distance running can often be difficult for people with breathing problems. Individuals who suffer from shortness of breath may want to start training with shorter runs and then slowly build up to more extended cardiovascular activities. Runners that find it difficult to breathe my also benefit from interval training, mixing one to two minutes of running with around five minutes of rest in between. 

 If you are suffering from a breathing problem like asthma, it is a good idea to visit your doctor to discuss your breathing complications and training plans. In the event your doctor recommends you receive an inhaler, you might be able to use it to exercise longer without running into breathing issues. 

 If you have a cold or the flu, take proper time off exercising to recover. These illnesses, as well as countless others, interfere with breathing and are especially dangerous for individuals that struggle with breathing properly during exercise.

If you exercise when you are sick, you can end up creating more damage than good. Always make sure that you are physically healthy before embarking on your training program.  

It is also extremely important to listen to your body when you are running. If your breath becomes very short or stressed during exercise, stop and take a break.  

Working out is an excellent way for individuals to maintain their overall health and is a great option even for individuals with breathing problems. If you have breathing complications during exercise, make sure to move at your own pace and only do what you can handle. 

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