Fantasy Sports Guide in 5 Steps

April 29, 2011

Fantasy Sports Guide in 5 Steps

Are you reading this article because you are a beginner and you want to find a detailed information on how to start in the fantasy sports world? Don’t worry, here’s a fantasy sport guide in 5 steps that you will surely help you grasp the ways on fantasy sports. Enjoy and have fun with playing fantasy sports after reading this.

Find a website and register

Many sports-based and other websites hold Fantasy Sports competitions yearly. Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS are a few of these sites. Other fantasy sports sites like Fantasy Factor doesn’t have season long commitment and you can win cash prizes every day or every week. Those mentioned sites are usually the sites I play in. You’ll have to figure out your own personal preference through simply trying them out. Register on your chosen website and take note of your password and username. Just be careful not to gamble any money in a not so sure fantasy sports site.

Find a League

If you plan on playing in a league with your friends, ask the person in charge, or the commisioner, and they will supply you with the password, or in Yahoo!’s case, the unique League ID required to join private leagues. If, however, you are a lone star trying out the game for the first time, you can join a public league. There’s usually leagues for players with similar interests, i.e. “Dallas Cowboys Fanatics”, etc. Also, you can find humorous leagues, which use names of players or teams in a sort of pun, like in my league, my team name is called “Mas Food, Less Pineiro”, playing off both Angels’ pitche, Joel Pineiro, and the former Taco Cabana commercials. Have fun with it!

Customize your team

When picking your team name, try to be unique! Having a team full of Cowboys fans that ends up being “John’s ‘boys”, “Jack’s Cowboys”, etc. ends up being very mundane. Come up with something clever! Search for names of players you can make a pun out of, and have fun with.
Other than the name, you can add a picture personifying your team. Now, most players end up simply putting a picture of their own mug up, which is fine, but again, make the team yours, don’t do something simply because someone else has done it.


Arguably the most fun part about the entire process, the draft is exciting, gripping, and, if I were to be perfectly honest, nerve-wracking. Prep for it beforehand by organizing the list of players to your liking, and have fun with it! More than likely, your league will employ a live draft in which each player drafts from their home computer. We usually make a party out of it: peanuts, hot dogs, nachos, any kind of sports-associated food you would find yourself eating at an actual sporting event.

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