Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 31: VivaFoto, WordWit, Monster Mouth DDS, Infinity Field (Appolicious)

August 31, 2011

Find a new way to snap some snazzy photos with VivaFoto, a new app that lets you see the filters you’ll apply to your snapshots in real time before you shoot them. Follow that up with WordWit, an app that helps you expand your command of the English language. In games, have fun with dentistry (no, really!) in Monster Mouth DDS, and shoot waves of bad guys in twin-stick shooter Infinity Field.

VivaFoto (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Next time you go to take a photo, pop open VivaFoto. Instead of taking a standard photo, you’ll get the opportunity to add effects to your shot as you take it, with the results appearing on your screen in real time to show you exactly what you’re getting. Choose from 25 different effects to apply to your photo, all taking the form of filters on the image.

You can further focus your shots or adjust the exposure as you’re taking them by tapping on the screen. Once you’ve snapped your VivaFoto, it gets saved into an album in the app so you can share it with others. The app has support for posting to Twitter and Facebook, and saves everything to your camera roll as well.

WordWit (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

A learning game ideal for people looking to bone up on their English (be they English as a second language speakers, or just looking for a vocabulary boost), WordWit spits pairs of homonyms (words that sound alike but are spelled differently) and quizzes you on which one is the correct one. The idea is to help you learn the difference between “effect” and “affect” so that the next time you go to use one, your English major friends don’t think you were sleeping through high school.

WordWit provides tracking throughout your experience to help you master the use of different, tough vocabulary words. It also includes social networking capabilities, so you can share your game scores with your friends using Twitter and Facebook.

Monster Mouth DDS (iPhone, iPad) Free

Perform some monster dentistry in Monster Mouth DDS, a procedural game in which you’ll need to tend to some pretty horrific teeth for the sake of a giant dinosaur, a rock monster and a huge ape. Each level in Monster Mouth DDS is timed, and you’ll need to do certain things in order. Use a tooth brush to clean off some serious tartar, X-ray to identify cavities, remove the cavities with clamps and then cap the teeth.

Your score in each level of Monster Mouth is based on your speed and how carefully you extract issues or stop malicious creatures in your monsters’ mouths. If you mess up and cause a monster pain, you’ll get a strike against you and a reduction in score; too much pain and you’ll fail at your task and have to start over.

Infinity Field (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

A top-down two-stick shooter not unlike the very popular console video game Geometry Wars, Infinity Field has made its way from the iPad to the iPhone. It’s played with one control stick to move your vehicle, the other to aim and fire your guns as wave after wave of enemies – geometric shapes, mostly – fly at you, hoping to destroy you. The longer you can survive and more enemies you can blast, the higher the score you’ll pull down.

Infinity Field includes six different game modes, including a campaign mode in which you’ll work through different levels, and a survival mode to see how many points you can earn before you’re killed. It also includes big boss fights and Game Center and Crystal support for leaderboards and achievements.

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