Fresh iPhone Apps for Mar. 31: Facemood :), 8-Bit Pocket Camera, Zapd (Appolicious)

March 31, 2011

Check out today’s top Fresh App, Facemood, for a different take on Facebook. The app scans through the status updates of your friends and uses the information to try to gauge how they’re feeling. Get the rest of the details below on today’s list, and while you’re reading, get the skinny on some other cool apps — one that lets you take retro photos in the style of Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera, and another that lets you create websites nearly instantly.

Facemood :) (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Ever wonder how your friends are feeling at any given moment? The developers behind Facemood did — so they scoured Facebook and found a way to use the data there to determine what people are feeling. Using statuses and other meta data, Facemood picks out keywords from statuses to make a judgment in a percentage of what a friend might be feeling.

Clicking on a Facemood mood prediction gives you a little insight into how the app’s algorithm came to the conclusion that it did, showing what kind of keywords it picked out and what values it assigned to them. You can search through your Facebook friends in the app and add certain people to a favorites list that helps keep you apprised of their condition.

8-Bit Pocket Camera (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Back in the 1990s, Nintendo began its domination of the handheld video gaming world with the colorless, 8-bit Game Boy. And soon after rolling out the Game Boy and its games, Nintendo created the Game Boy camera, which took ridiculously low-detailed, 128×122 pictures. Things have come a long way since 1998, but if old-school, low-contrast black-and-white Game Boy photos sound like fun (and they actually are), check out 8-Bit Pocket Camera.

The app faithfully recreates the look of the Game Boy Camera on your iPhone and iPad, giving you the same controls over contrast that the Game Boy afforded. You can create montages and add special effects to photos, and change the border around photos when you take them. Then, you can save the shot to your Camera Roll and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Zapd (iPhone, iPad) Free

Need a website? Like right now? Then download Zapd and you can be on your way to making a website nearly instantaneously. The app quickly walks you through the process like choosing a theme and template, adding photos and headers, and jotting down text. It all looks a bit like the blogging service Tumblr, but it’s extremely quick and easy.

Once you’ve got your quick site hammered out, you can preview it right on your iDevice, and if you’re happy, you can publish it using Zapd’s service and get a short URL on the spot. You can change themes after the fact and even share your site on Twitter and Facebook.

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