Fundamental Horse Accessories

November 30, 2010

There is a common saying – if you love someone, show it. Just feeding your horse well does not mean you care for him. If you really love your horse, then you must seek the comforts for him too; you need to buy correct horse accessories for him. The pleasure of going for a horse ride enhances when you have caparisoned your horse with quality corrective pads and other horse accessories. Let’s have a glance at a number of essential horse accessories.

Saddle: Saddle is in fact the first thing that comes into the mind of many when we talk about horse accessories. It is the supportive structure for a rider which is fastened to the horseback by a girth. Saddles today are no more simple pads; they come in a spectrum of styles. Besides being careful to the size of the saddle that fits both the horse and the rider, one should keep in mind the equestrianism discipline too.

Corrective pads: Also, known as saddle pad, corrective pad is under the saddle on a horseback. The role of corrective pad is to protect the horse’s back, absorb sweat and mitigate the saddle. They are also called numnahs, corrective pads serve the purpose of saddle blankets, though in a better way. A saddle pad is normally thicker than the saddle blanket. It consists of the layers of felt, foam or other material crammed between a tough cover on the top and a soft cover on the inside edge that comes in direct contact with the horse. A quality corrective pad is necessary to keep your lovely horse away from the chronic backache.

Girth Sleeves: Girth sleeves are required to keep your horse relieved from the uneasiness that can be caused by fastening the girth. They are available in a wide variety ranging from woolen, animal print to quilt on outer and wool on inner edge etc. The girth sleeves prevent horse skin against rubbing enabling them to work for longer time at a stretch.

If you wish to get quality horse accessories at affordable prices, purchasing them through online merchants offering bespoke services is the best option.

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