Getting into BMX racing without breaking the bank

November 30, 2010

Taking up a new sport like BMX racing can be expensive. You have to buy the bike as well as all the protective gear. If you are on a budget, is it really such a good idea to go for a cheap BMX if you want to get into the sport? Well, if you shop around you can still get a good bike, but at a much better price than you thought. You can save money, without having to opt for a bargain basement bike that’s going to fall apart after five minutes.

To get a good deal, form a clear picture and idea of the type of bike you want. Draw up a budget and stick to it. Armed with price limits and a type of bike in mind, you’ll find the whole exercise of finding a cheap BMX so much easier.

A decent bike for beginners will probably cost at least £150. Remember to allow for the extra cash needed to purchase accessories and protective gear like helmets and gloves.

What do you need the bike for? Will you be using it for BMX racing or do you plan on being more of a freestyle rider? The bikes themselves are very different. Riders who want to perform tricks and jumps need sturdier bikes to soak up the punishment they dish out to them. Check the frame size carefully too. It’s no good buying a bike on sale if it’s the wrong size for you or you’ll grow out of it two months down the line.

One of the best places to get a bargain is online. You could even try one of the auction sites like eBay, although it would be safer to stick to specialist bikes stores who you can trust. Second hand is an option too. You could get a very highly specced used bike. OK so it might a little wear and tear, but you can always replace and upgrade any worn parts.

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