Great Alaska King Salmon Fishing

August 31, 2011

There are many places to go for Alaska King Salmon fishing.  If you are near one of the larger cities like Anchorage or Fairbanks, there are places to go that are close enough to wet a line after work.  However, if you want to avoid the combat fishing where the bank is lined with people fighting for space, you need to head out to a more remote spot on the Kenai River.  If you want the best fishing, you can hire a guide to get across the river and fish away from all the people who are there when the salmon are running. So how do you go about the experience of Alaska King Salmon Fishing.  You need to have the right equipment.  You can just set out with any old rod and reel and that you used to pull in a bass.  You need something that is made to handle the weight of over forty pounds.  

You all need to have fishing line that is probably at least fifty pound test.  It is illegal to snag the fish by the gills if the Fish and Game Authority or F.A.G. catch you pulling in an Alaska King Salmon hooked on the gill you either release it or get fined.  Every year many people are fined or arrested for fishing with grappling hooks. (other people use grappling hooks in their combat fishing to cut other people’s fishing line)   Because the running salmon do not eat while they are making their way back up the river to lay eggs and die, you can not catch them with a tender morsel of bait.  The best way to catch King Salmon with a mouth hook is to take a small piece of women’s nylons and fill it with salmon roe.  The Alaskan Salmon try to bury the roe in the bottom of the river to protect it from predators and that is when you need to set the hook.

 When you set the hook in Alaska King Salmon Fishing it feels like the best fight you have ever had in fresh water fishing, but the truth is they aren’t really fighting.  The King Salmon is very large and very strong and they just keep trying to swim upstream.  It is very enjoyable and when as a six foot man I held the salmon up to my shoulder and the tail was still bent on the ground I was ecstatic.    The greatest part of Alaska King Salmon fishing was the grill party we had the next day. When to plan your Alaska Salmon Fishing adventure is a matter of personal fishing preference. Each month of our Alaska Salmon & halibut Fishing season is very unique and offers a variety of Alaska Fishing opportunities. The “best Alaska Salmon fishing” times also attract the most people so if you prefer more seclusion and private water, “peak” time may not be best for you. From early May until mid September, there is definitely salmon available in fishable numbers to make your Alaska fishing trip a success & will assure you of a very incredible experience. Alaska sport-fishing for Alaska salmon & halibut will create memories that will last a lifetime.

We will fillet your Alaska Salmon  Fishing  & halibut as part of your guided fishing trip, and will be taken to our processor for vacuum sealing and freezing. The processor will hold your cumulative fish during your visit and then upon your departure will box it for the airplane or overnight it to you once you arrive home. Either way, your Alaska Salmon & halibut is assured to stay fresh, insulated and frozen for transfer to your freezer.

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