Gym Equipment Overview: The Reebok i-Rower S Rowing Machine

April 30, 2011

As little kids, didn’t many of us have a little trip in a rowboat? You probably even sensed that feeling of power, in particular if your accompanying adult gave you permission to steer the rowboat. Even though you didn’t realise it then, rowing is actually a perfect way to exercise. Unlike running, rowing is low impact; running can exert tremendous pressure on your bones and joints. Also, with rowing, you are sitting down, so it is more comfy and relaxing. Rowing is a sort of exercise which is resistance based and is beneficial to your body’s main muscle groups; it will offer cardio advantages to the lungs and also the heart. So what’s stopping you from getting started? If it is a premium quality gym equipment machine that’s keeping you from it, continue to read to get some info on a remarkable rower manufactured by Reebok, the i-Rower S.

Gym Equipment: Main Facets of the Reebok i-Rower S

An product from the renowned I-Series group from Reebok, this fitness machine gives a remarkable value with an outstandingly smooth motion which really replicates rowing in a boat. It’s a magnetised cable pull piece of gym equipment which is deliberated to raise the heart rate and help it to stay within the appropriate zone to ensure the most beneficial work out routine in the most brief time frame. Whenever your goal is to rapidly work up to an outstanding 84% of your muscles, it would be very beneficial for you to try the i-Rower S. If you use a Polar heart rate monitor, it’s a simple matter to interface it with the rower. Once done, you’ll be able to track your heart rate whenever you work out on the i-Rower S.

Gym Equipment: Additional Info Concerning the Reebok i-Rower S

This i-Rower S is equipped with all the aspects which discriminating users have high regards for, which entails a complete rowing movement which is done by means of a lengthy seat rail. The rower has been ergonomically made to stimulate and enforce the right rowing position for achieving the ultimate in aerobic as well as muscle advantages. It is a practical item of fitness equipment which will assist you in attaining your exercise goals rapidly and devoid of having to worry about injury. The rower has the M-Force braking system, and the flywheel weighs 6kg. It has an information filled LCD computer display that is simple to read. It shows speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and RPM. A distinct fitness test programme gauges your fitness based upon amount of calories burned, distance, and target time.

Gym Equipment: Final Thoughts on the Reebok i-Rower S

You should know that the user weight limit for the i-Rower S is 120kg. It measures 201 x 73 x 75.5cm. Although it is compatible to Polar heart rate monitors, you will need to provide your own chest strap. Rowing is a great way to burn calories. A stimulating workout on your i-Rower S can burn as high as 500 to 800 calories in an hour. Employing the rowing machine can aid your in the building of lean muscle mass; this will enable your body to burn calories more successfully and as your loose fat and gain muscle, you will continue to shed unwanted pounds.

Gym equipment such as the Reebok i-Rower S is a perfect way to alter your fitness programme with a number of variable and pleasant aerobic exercises.

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