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March 31, 2011

Punters experienced at taking into account any raw advantage will have to reverse established thinking from today 31st March 2011 when Leicester holds the first meeting in Britain where starting stalls are numbered from the inside on a right -handed track. This new rule brings Britain into line with the rest of the racing world (except from Ireland); a low draw will now be on the inside and a high draw on the outside. Before this, draw positions rose is ascending order from the left, looking behind from the stalls.
How will the change work?
Previously stalls were numbered from the left, looking from behind the stalls. This meant a low draw was inside (far side) for left handed courses but outside (near/stands ‘side) for right handed courses.
Now on all courses.Low=inside, High=outside.
Example: Ascot 2010, Maqaasid won the 18-runner 5f Queen Mary Stakes from stall 18 on the inside (far side). That stall will now be number One on the race-card, in last year’s winner line, and in the form.

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