How to engrave a metal trophy

August 30, 2014

Trophies are the best way to commemorate and celebrate victories of an organization. The engraving is done on the crystal and metal trophy in order to memorialize the occasion to all who view it and make them aware of its significance. Hand engraving is really crucial as it turns the generic prize into a documented award that can be cherishes for many years. Engraving the trophy elaborates the reason and its significance to the awardees of various ceremonies whether it is a sport related or the corporate one.

Material require to hand engrave the metal trophy:
You will need a permanent marker, sketch pens, paper, blade, water and soap and a hand graver.
Steps to engrave the metal trophy:
1.First of all sketch down the design for the trophy you want to engrave. Generally people prefer to engrave the name of the organization, name of the competition and its winner and date of the competition on the metal trophy. You have to measure the area in which you want to add the following text, the font style and the size of the letters as well. Verify whether the essential text is perfectly fit within the allotted space or not.
2.Clean the trophy with soap and water properly before the engraving procedure.
3.Using the permanent marker, write the text you want to imprint on the trophy on the exact place. You can use flat graver for giving a stylish look to your letters. You can also use round graver for blocking the letters of the text.
4.Now you have to place the trophy safely on the clamp in order to make it stable when you are engraving it. It depends a lot on the shape of the trophy and size of the clamp that it will move during engraving or not.
5.Hold the sharpened graver with a tight grip in between your fingertips; now place the thumb firmly at the tip of your graver. Make the end of the gravel rest on the fleshy part of your hand. This will help you in pushing the graver in the perfect fashion.
6.Try to cut the lettering you have made on the metal trophy using the permanent marker in the first step strictly along the scribed line. You must operate your work by placing it at your chest height so that it will help you to see what you are engraving actually. In order to cut properly, slowly slide the graving over the metallic material. Apply pressure on the gravel in downward direction in the beginning of the cut, after that try to slide the graver upon the scribed line to add detailing. You can create variations in the cut line. For this you have to turn the graver towards that side. Try to avoid deep digging and excessive lower pushing. Make yourself sure about the sharpness of the graver you are working with.

7.Now you can remove the remaining prints of the marker using acetone solution. After getting it done wash the trophy properly using water.

Warnings and tips:

As you know that erasing is not possible once you have engraved the metal trophy so in order to avoid this issue of making mistakes. Avoid making direct cut on the metal of trophy. You can practice it sometimes on the scrap metal until you get perfection. Once you are comfortable with the engraving procedure you can carry it on with the trophy.
It is advisable to start with the lesser amount of text. Avoid making it messy.
The tip of the graver must be sharp and pointed all the time while engraving. It will help a lot in maintain the clarity and beauty of the text. You can sharpen it time to time. You can also make the use of a flex shaft along with the sharpening attachments. This will fasten up the process for you.
Sometimes people prefer to go for the engrave plaques. You have to take care that the plaques you are using is appropriate for your hand graver.
Modern technology has also contributed to fasten the process of engraving and make it easier for the beginners. Air gravers are available in the markets which are quite specialized engraving equipment.   

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