Increase Rankings Using SEO for Insurance Agents

March 11, 2014

SEO for InsuranceThose people that are search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, or marketing managers that work in the insurance field, realize that there are many challenges to successful SEO for insurance agencies. Most marketers are aware that the competition for selling insurance online is great and the need for higher rankings is essential for better results.


Visitors to websites generally click on the sites that rank highest in their search results. This article contains a few helpful hints aimed at accomplishing better search results, which increases traffic to those websites.

Users of long-tail searches will narrow search results


Given the sheer level of competition in the insurance game, the best chance of getting results quickly would be to attract long-tail searches. Use of one keyword increases search results, while long tail (use of multiple words when searching) will often narrow results. While the insurance industry isn’t the typical long tail SEO play (unlike travel or sports, for example), agents can possibly discover some advantages to its use.

Make use of competitors’ backlinks


A successful businessperson needs to understand the market he or she operates in. By understanding what has and hasn’t worked in the past an agent can then formulate a strategy for future successes. Analyze what is working for competitors in the industry, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.


The information that is presented on the website is vital

Appearing on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) isn’t a means to an end. If content marketing isn’t done properly, then this should be a concern. Creating helpful and informative articles will increase the foot-traffic to the website, which is really the key.


It really is okay to resort to buying links

While purchasing links may not be the best solution, when that is a consideration try to approach sites that are hyper-relevant to the topics being discussed. Steer clear from any link or blog networks and be wary of sites that seem too good to be true. There are much better ways of using a marketing budget and getting the desired results.


Most local events accept sponsorship deals that will result in a backlink from a local property, and doing something good for the community can provide benefits in kind.

Don’t buy links from dropped domains since these are strategies that will quite quickly get a site ejected from the SERPS.


For example, when looking to rank higher for Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Insurance, try approaching BOP enthusiast sites. Be creative and watch SEO for insurance brokers garner the desired results.

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