Latest Trends in Wearable Sports Technology

September 27, 2014

Now-a-days, the technology is quite advanced and in case of sports, it’s amazing. It is possible for a football manager to watch and take decisions on a match through satellite systems along with the tracking cameras that delivers real-time information of the stadium. It helps both the teams to plan according to the tactics followed by the opposition. It also helps in tracking the statistics and sometimes maximizes the risk of personal decision making. But, thanks to the evolution of wearable technologies that helps a lot in professional sports.

Gradually, companies are taking interest in manufacturing a number of wearable equipments for sports people. These devices are addressing different problems of play and practice.

Use of Smart Bands:

This is considered as an amazing addition to the global sports technology. This is a kit fitted with high quality sensors. It helps in measuring player performance and provides advanced performance data that helps serious runners. It also helps in dead ball training and coaching with and without music. The technology is developed by Adidas.

Similarly, companies like “Catapult Sports” are focusing on manufacturing the above kind of technology that works as a local positioning system. Here the players wear a vest fitted with a tiny device that captures and stores data. Data can be captured in real time for further analysis in the future.

Introduction of Big Sports Business Ideas:

Sports technology is now a best place for the business people to invest. With the advent of the Apple smart Watch, Google glass and some fitness bracelets, it’s helping both the players and the audience for gathering real time information. These gadgets will also upgrade their features according to the requirement and advancement in technology.

Apart from the above, a huge amount of money is now invested in the manufacturing of wearable technology. Mainly, the multinational apparel companies are playing an important role. It’s a great profitable business idea for them.

Sports Analytics:

Analytics is a major field of sports and wearable technologies helps a lot in this sector. When the team needs performance improvement, visitors need a deeper breakdown, this technology is used as tracking cameras and sensor devices on the venue for monitoring and co-ordinating the players. Here camera collects more data that can be analyzed later on through algorithms.

However, wearing technology is a great way to collect real-time visual data that even enables the coaching staff for taking smarter decisions. These are the hot tech. items for player performance analysis. At the same time they also deliver insights on injury prevention and recovery time.

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