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Learning About Your Company’s Ex Mod

Business owners must be sure to budget for Workers’ Compensation premiums, particularly if employees work in hazardous environments. These premium payments are a type of ex mod insurance or insurance that is affected by a business’s experience modification factor.

What Is a Company’s Ex Mod?

An ex mod factor is a percentage that reflects how safe a company’s work environment is compared to other businesses in the area. Just like a person’s automobile insurance premiums are higher if he or she has been in multiple accidents, a company that has repeated workplace injuries will have to pay higher Workers’ Compensation premiums. The exact number is calculated based on the average amount of a company’s payroll as well as the company’s safety level.

Can Companies Alter Their Ex Mods?

The experts at Arroyo Insurance Programs note that a company’s ex mod can change. If a business’s ex mod results in high premiums, taking the following actions can affect the percentage:

  • Decreasing response times to employees’ claims
  • Increasing the availability of help to injured employees
  • Ensuring that accurate payroll and claim information is reported to the agency that calculates ex mods
  • Developing a safer workplace environment

It may take some time to see the benefits of these actions, but they are essential for companies that have ex mod insurance.

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