Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance for Restaurants

Restaurants have a lot of responsibilities to manage in their day-to-day operations. Staffing, food preparation, customer service, cleanliness, and equipment maintenance are just a few of the many moving pieces that go into managing a successful restaurant. It’s important for restaurant owners and managers to safeguard their operations with comprehensive insurance that can address a variety of potential liability scenarios.

Policy Inclusions

Restaurant liability insurance coverage has several key components. In addition to general liability insurance, a restaurant may need to get several additional policy indorsements:

  •       Commercial property
  •       Liquor liability
  •       Workers’ compensation
  •       Umbrella liability
  •       Employment practices liability
  •       Directors and officers
  •       Cyber liability

Businesses That Need Liability Insurance

It’s not just traditional restaurants that can benefit from a package policy tailored to restaurants. There are several different kinds of businesses that have similar types of risk exposure that a restaurant does and would be well served by a commercial package’s protections:

  •       Bars and grills
  •       Cafes
  •       Food trucks
  •       Catering companies
  •       Franchise owners
  •       Cafeteria managers

If you’re unfamiliar with what different forms of coverage are used for and have questions about your individual coverage needs, reach out to an insurance company who has experience serving clients in your industry. A knowledgeable agent can help to answer all of your questions and help you get competitive quotes to insure your business.

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