Liability Protection

Liability Protection for Nurses

Malpractice claims against nurses have risen substantially over the last few years. Even if the claim is only a perceived wrongful act, the costs can be substantial.

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability insurance for nurses is essential protection against unwanted lawsuits. Many nurses think that the liability insurance coverage provided by their employer will protect them against claims, but that policy may not adequately cover all the costs involved in litigation. In addition, the coverage typically doesn’t apply to part-time employees and ceases to cover an employee after they leave their place of employment.

Medical malpractice by a nurse is described as any wrongful act or an omission of necessary medical treatment. It can include such things as:

  • An injury to a patient due to improper or inadequate care
  • Financial damages due to negligence
  • Distress from the failure to exercise proper care

Medical liability insurance coverage also helps to protect a nurse from losing their license. This protection goes well beyond the coverage provided by their employer. It protects against issues of discipline brought forth by a nursing board. It can also provide protection against claims of breached patient confidentiality, as well as slander or libel.

Nurses today face many liability risks. Obtaining thorough coverage is well worth the cost of the insurance premiums.

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