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Maintenance is More Than Skin Deep

A warehouse may have a new paint job and professional landscaping, but if the building hasn’t been properly attended to on the inside it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Proper warehouse maintenance is much more than polishing up the facade. It means taking care of equipment, stock, and facilities to keep the warehouse running safely and smoothly.

Make a Plan and Stick To It

The pros at https://hilbgroupfl.com have great ideas on how to tackle a warehouse that needs some sprucing up. They suggest the following:

  1. Make a plan. Evaluate your equipment and machinery and determine how often it should be inspected or repaired. Build this information into a schedule that accounts for all equipment on a regular basis.
  2. Take inventory. Know exactly what you’re storing and where it all is. 
  3. Train employees. Make sure your employees know and understand the proper maintenance procedures for the machinery they use. Have a clear and easy line of reporting for problems that arise.
  4. Have routine pest inspections. You don’t need rodents, birds, or bugs turning your warehouse into a condo. Learn what types of pests prefer different areas of your building and check for them on schedule.

By performing proper warehouse maintenance, you demonstrate responsibility and concern for your employees’ safety and well-being.

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