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Managing Your Open-Water Operations

Managing Your Open-Water Operations

Whether a business operates in the areas of land or sea, carrying an insurance policy is strongly recommended. Because the risks and exposures differ by industry and location, the expert advice from the team at Merrimac Marine Insurance recommends a uniquely tailored coverage plan for each business. If your operations involved sea-faring vessels and employees, then carrying an insurance plan offering MEL coverage is just the thing.

Who Needs the Extra Coverage?

With a maritime employer liability policy, you receive coverage for your employees when they are working on operated or non-owned vessels. Employees could be performing roles associated with titles like captain or crew, but the coverage could also extend those who don’t fill a specific operational duty on board the ship. Other employee qualification could come from a variety of operations, such as:

  • Seismic survey work
  • Drilling work
  • Marine construction
  • Scientific researchers or surveyors
  • Artisan contractors
  • Fishery observers

Potential Concerns

There are a number of challenges that are presented when working out on the water, with the primary one being drowning or serious injury. The best way to reduce the potential risk of injury or death is through strong and effective safety practices and policies. The Coast Guard and international overseers have established regulations for vessel operation and passenger safety, but your policies should go a step further and address the specific nature of the activities been done while at sea.

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