One Who Runs From an Early Death Should, Well, Run

September 8, 2014

Americans, among many other demographics, want “magic bullet” solutions to the problems that poor health can impose. From cure-all supplements to exercise quackery about three minute workouts that burn inordinate amounts of calories, a global misconception has arisen about the proper way to prolong lifespan. 

 No, there is no way to cheat death, but training in the form of running is an excellent way to delay the inevitable toll that death will eventually take on us all. 

Strong correlations between exercise, and particular types of exercise such as running, manifest themselves in decreased body weight, and therefore increased lifespan. This in large part can be attributed to the average weight of runners when contrasted to their lazier couch potato counterparts.  

Lighter people tend to live longer. Although those who engage in running training do not need to run to keep their weight low, they enjoy many more health benefits than those who stay thin without exercise. 

 Stress, something that may be even more pertinent to Americans’ poor health than obesity, can also be ameliorated through exercise in the form of running. 

With many Americans working between 60 and 80 hours a week while raising children and trying to maintain social lives, stress is becoming the most imposing of all silent killers. It correlates strongly with heart disease, the leading cause of death among Americans. 

To combat this stress, training yourself to run three times a week for thirty minutes or more will help your body manage this stress, and reduce the possibility of illness onset in the later stages of life.  

The endorphins created by cardiovascular exercise will also boost mood and energy, allowing fewer of the things life throws at busy Americans to harm their mental health. 

Think you aren’t fit for any type of running training? Voice of America, a global news dispensary, notes that it does not matter how far or quickly one runs when attempting to receive health benefits from exercise. 

 Merely getting up and doing it is enough to begin the process of combating illnesses that would otherwise plague citizens in old age. 

Running is also a great way to increase the hours of restful sleep the body receives at night. Although paradoxical, research confirms that running simultaneously increases energy levels and promotes deep, restorative slumber. 

 The number of hours one sleeps could possibly increase lifespan, helping the body sustain its health over long periods of time.          

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