Playing Pool as the Professionals Do! How to Master One of the World's Most Popular Indoor Games?

March 31, 2011

Billiards or Snooker – these are the variations of the Pool. There is a difference between the two but these are basically pool games. Therefore if you were confused with the difference in Pool and Billiards or Snooker, remember that such games are collectively known as pool games.

Pool games are popular the world over. They are played almost in every bar, every club across the country and in places all over the world, which have the knowledge of this sport. This is also a competitive sport in international games. There are champions of the games who are revered as magicians of the game. There is also a world pool tricks championship that sees the best of players all over the world come at the venue and show their moves and tricks with the cue and the balls (no pun intended)! With some serious betting in some places, pool is also one of such games that are monitored closely by local police forces! Numerous bar brawls have been broken out due to this and a lost of such ‘passionate’ cue lovers have been injured trying to defend their game!

Decoding the Pool language

The most popular variations of the game are the 8-ball, 9-ball and the Cut Throat that is played the world over with the same set of rules. However, for the one who had been playing with novices, the standard rules and terminologies might be a bit off track and hence this article makes an attempt to clear all the air about the game of pool – as the professionals play!

The 8-ball game is popularly known as stripes and solids; however this is not what the seasoned players call it (it is not even known as such in the international circuit). It goes by the name of high and low (Some even call it up and down – all depends on your local perspective). A lot of illegal betting is also done on players playing this particular game; even the 9-ball game sees some serious betters, for the record. The triangle type ball arranger that you may have seen is known as the rack that reins in the 8 balls with the number 8 ball placed in the center. The target is to sink the 8th numbered ball in your last attempt along with sinking other balls in succession. The order of succession depends on your skill level.

The 9-ball game is similar with the arrangement being like a diamond and the 9th numbered ball in the center. The order of sinking the balls is ascending with the lowest value ball being sunk first. There is a lot of skill required in this game because each of the players makes an attempt to hit the ball with the lowest value on the table in each of their attempts. The cut throat is a friendlier version of the pool game. It is played as a part of club parties and games and is considered more of a socializing pool game!

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