Safety Precautions and New Jersey Transportation Insurance

April 11, 2014

transportation insurance in New JerseyOwners and operators of transportation companies are all too familiar with the daily risks associated with providing trucks and other large vehicles for the purpose of transporting goods and providing services. It is of the utmost importance to carry transportation insurance in New Jersey for all facets of the business due to the exposures these drivers face when traversing the roads and highways.


While the care and safety of the cargo is vital to the success of the business, equally important is the care and safety of those valued employees who often face dangers and hazards while driving, whether from other vehicles, the weather, or issues with the vehicle they are commandeering.


A few useful safety tips can provide the knowledge of how to avoid certain issues and how to react when something unexpected occurs. Drivers should always follow the hours of service guidelines, and be well-prepared, especially for long hauls and late night driving, by being properly rested, well fed, and alert while on the road.


Things to consider while behind the wheel


The vehicle should be properly inspected and always well maintained. Drivers should learn how to inspect their vehicle, and check their brakes thoroughly before each trip. They should also practice safe and proper driving techniques including the following:


  • Look out for other vehicles – other drivers aren’t always aware of where a truck’s blind spot is


  • Give ample warning before changing lanes or turning – this will aid in the prevention of accidents


  • Drive slowly through construction and work zones - drivers need to give themselves plenty of room and know to expect the unexpected


  • Always keep a safe distance – regardless of the situation, if a trucker or bus driver rear-ends another vehicle they will likely be found “at fault”


Other ways to avoid accidents


Drivers should take it upon themselves to avoid aggressive drivers. Keep cool and always maintain a safe driving speed. Keeping a safe distance between the truck and other vehicles, and maintaining a safe speed will reduce the possibility of an accident. By being aware, and reporting any unsafe conditions, vehicles, and keeping an eye out for pedestrians will help make the roads safer.


Remember, most work zone crashes happen during the day, and almost one third of these crashes involve large trucks. It’s important that all truck drivers remember that their larger vehicles require more stopping time. When an accident does occur they will need to show proof of their New Jersey transportation insurance coverage.

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