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School Risk Management Plans and the Pandemic

Public or private, K-12, or secondary education, schools face unique challenges when devising insurance and risk management plans. They hold a position of trust, often teaching difficult skills in potentially dangerous environments to people who need to master them to take up the careers that make society function. K-12 institutions especially have to balance student safety and a duty of care against the potential risks of given activities for each age and experience level they instruct. It’s no wonder that the global COVID-19 pandemic is upending those plans for so many districts when you think of things that way.

Get Help To Update Your Coverage

Risk management programs for schools specialize in helping you understand your areas of exposure and cover them, using a combination of insurance policies, bonds, and alternate risk transfer options that suit your institution’s coverage needs and budget. If you haven’t updated that coverage or you’re working with an insurer who doesn’t have a dedicated program for schools and other educational institutions, it’s time to consider working with experts who make covering schools the focus of their business. That way, you know your risk management planning will be fully supported by the people who can accurately assess when you might need to increase coverage in any given area or to restructure your investment in various areas of insurance to suit changing circumstances.

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