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May 3, 2014

Trophies and Awards are the best way to appreciate an individual.  Yet most companies make the mistake of using generic designs when it comes to the same.  The reason cited by companies is that they do not know where customized trophies can be bought. This is a genuine complain. You see this is one industry which does not market itself.  So the question is -How can you find reputed Trophy Manufacturers in Delhi ?

The answer to this question is not simple.  You have a number of different choices in front of you. The first choice is to look up the same in business directories. The second choice is to call up services that provide business listings for free. The third choice is to approach shops who stock up on awards and trophies.

Each of these methods can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding Trophy Dealers in Delhi. However what are the parameters on basis of which you can decide?

  • Different material used to make the awards- The best companies will always have different materials for making the award. Hence you will have a choice between wood, acrylic, metal and crystal awards. This means that you can pick and choose which material you want for the award. This also means that every budget is taken care of by the manufacturer.
  • Indian designs and imported designs- Yes, this should also be a factor. The reason for these different designs is to fit into the function. If the function is on a small scale, then the company can opt for designs made in India. This can also include religious designs and modern designs. These designs are made to suit the Indian mindset. On the other hand, if the function is one a larger scale, you can use international and imported designs to honor the people getting the award.
  • Different types of awards- Would you be happy receiving the same award for different contributions? No, you would not. It is necessary that each contribution be awarded differently. Hence you should always check if the company provides you different types of awards.  The designs will wary from individual to group awards. It will also vary from normal corporate to sports based and team work awards.
  • Different product category for awards- Some occasions will require a trophy while others will require a medal or a badge. You cannot use the same product for every award function. Hence the manufacturer should allow you to pick and choose the product category required by you. If you are not sure, you can also ask them for ideas on which award product would be appropriate.

All the above factors are crucial in making the right choice. However, only the best and reputed awards Manufacturers will be able to provide all these choices for you. Ensure that you check the reputation of the company as well as their client base before making your choice. This will show your employees that you care about them.

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