Sponsored Story: Find a Gold-Standard Silver Bullion Dealer

December 14, 2011

If you’re thinking of buying silver coins or bullion, please take the time to become familiar with several silver bullion dealers. Not all sellers are alike, and you’ll want to work with the best and most reliable. To begin, you can search for any past complaints customers may have reported. Did the dealer try to solve the problem? If so, that dealer is likely to take similar steps to help you should a problem arise.

You should ask each silver bullion dealer you research how the company packages and delivers the coins, as these are important issues. One dealer may have lower prices, but if his packing and delivery methods would cause you to worry, the “good deal” may not be so good. Paying a little more for peace of mind often ends up being the better deal. Another important consideration in choosing a silver bullion dealer is the variety and quality of coins he or she carries. Ask the dealers you are considering about their inventory availability. You might ask specifically about coins you would like to own, either now or in the future. Some dealers offer excellent premiums, but they carry only a very limited catalog of coins.

Of course, you will also want to inquire about cost. Different silver bullion dealers charge different premiums, especially for collectible coins. When you have researched several dealers, and have identified a few you feel comfortable working with, then you can rapidly compare costs for specific coins. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples, though. You can compare prices most reliably if you keep the coin cost separate from costs for shipping, insurance, packing, etc. Also, some dealers will have minimum order quantities, and you will need to factor that in. It takes some time to do this background research, but knowing the silver bullion dealers you buy from is essential.

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