Sponsored Story: Invest in American Silver Eagle Silver Bullion

December 5, 2011

When you want to buy silver bullion, go for the American Silver Eagle. Produced for the past 25 years, the coins are manufactured by the US Mint and are distributed and sold by authorized dealers throughout the country. The coins were initially produced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, California, San Francisco, New York and West Point and their sale and distribution is backed by the US Congress.

Each silver coin minted contains one troy of 99.9% pure silver, metal alloy 99.93% silver and 0.07% pure copper. Each coin has a face value of $1.00. If you want to buy silver bullion, this is the right time. Currently, the demand for the coins is on the increase since they have a higher value compared to paper notes.

Silver bullion bars are among the best investment options you can go for. Since their price increases each day, you can easily make a lot of cash by selling the silver bars to a collector or a financial institution. In addition, you can sell the bars easily since their demand is usually more than the supply in the market.

To ensure you buy silver bullion that is genuine, it is important to check the reputation of the dealer. The same should be done when buying over the Internet. Make sure you check the reputation of the site or online dealer before you make any transaction. If you buy silver bullion bars from unknown online sources, you may go at a loss by being sold fake bullion.

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