Syncplicity Android app stores and shares in the cloud (Appolicious)

November 30, 2011

If you haven’t yet explored cloud storage, here’s another chance. The Syncplicity app provides an easy way to store and share files, photos, videos and music from your Android device, and Windows and Mac apps allow you to sync with the same storage from personal computers. With a service like this, moving files and memories between all your computers and devices is simple.

Getting started won’t take long. Download the free app, and launch it. You can create a new account or connect to an existing one on the initial screen. A couple of taps lets you upload files, photos, video or music to designated folders in the cloud, or you can create new folders. The “sync” part of the app’s title means you can set a folder to synchronize with the cloud automatically whenever you put something new in there.

The personal-computer applications work smoothly, as well. You can right-click files through the Mac’s Finder or the Windows’ Explorer, and send them instantly to Syncplicity or set them to sync automatically in the future.

A key difference between this service and some of the other cloud storage services is security. All transfers and storage use encryption to lower the chances of your stuff falling into the wrong hands. If you do want to share,. the service will create an easy shareable link for you to send around.

Out of the box, you get 2GB of free storage. Adding more will cost you.

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