The importance of health and fitness

May 31, 2011

Now, when you are walking around the streets, you can notice that there are many guys are doing exercise.

Now, when you are climbing mountain, you can see more and more guys climbing mountain also.

Now, when you are sitting in your cars, you can see some guys going to work on foot.

After you guys noticed that phenomenon, what are you thinking now?

With the development of society, some guys seldom regard the money as important, so they would like to spend some of the money on the health and fitness. As a result, they will join the sport clubs, and also they love doing sports with their friends. They realize the importance of health and fitness, and the value them very much.

Aparting from the development of society, the education background plays a significant role of it.

Now, most of the guys went to the colleges and universities, they know they should expect their parents. So they would like to spend some money on their parents’ health. And then their fathers and mothers will join the clubs.

And you all know that nowadays more and more guys like playing golf because they believe that they all can get what they want and love. The most important is that they can make more friends while playing golf. And then they will keep happy and will live long, of course.

Another factor is that the fee for the doctor is higher and higher, so most of the guys prefer to the keep healthy by doing exercise. And then, they can seldom see the doctors. As far as I am concerned, we should make full use of the leisure time to keep healthy by exercise.

As we all know that there are more and more guys who can live longer than 100 years old. I think the exercise play an important role in it. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have not done exercise, it is high time to begin the exercise. I firmly think it can help you keep healthy and happy everyday.

Last but not the least, you should not give up and go on keep moving, and you should believe that you can make it and you can also live longer than 100 years.

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