The Value of the Super Bowl Trophy

September 15, 2014

It is understood, will be held on February 2, 2014 super bowl, There was no parallel in history. Will pitch in America media and Marketing Center – New York; just think this lead a voluptuous life the taste of the city has a heartbeat. Perhaps, even New York will contribute to this year’s Super Bowl Trophy ad overall level. In addition, 2014 Super Bowl will be the first time in the open air stadium. The price for 30 seconds advertisement is 4 dollars. At present, the main part of gold list has been exposed, it is said that some people are trying to negotiate with the 30 seconds broke into two 15 seconds, more advertisers directly to 30 seconds as a gift.

From Forbes global club value ranking, in the top 10 lists, the NFL account for six seats, and the minimum value of $1.15 billion single team. There are 32 teams in the NFL; there is no doubt that this is the world’s most expensive sports leagues. For the venue, the super bowl is incalculable economic benefits, mainly reflected in the tourism industry, catering industry as well as the NFL’s official website on product sales. In addition, the super bowl or the final of the world’s most expensive in last year’s super bowl, for example, 30 seconds advertising reach staggering $3 million. But even so, the merchants in order to appear in the super bowl live or poured sharpening head to also want to, even if it is only at a face. The super bowl is known as the “golden bowl” is deserved.

Period of school has been involved in cheerleading. The influence of the super bowl is so huge that Vancouver had to change the date of the opening ceremony.
The super bowl is a veritable feast media. The global 180 countries and regions more than 200 television stations will broadcast the super bowl; will be used on more than 30 languages. Moreover, including CCTV5, Shanghai five-star sports, dragon TV, Guangdong and other Chinese media will also be for the full of features to gorge on live in the United States. In 2009, China had accumulated 2 million spectators watched the super bowl broadcast. This year, before the Spring Festival, there may be more audience sitting in front of the television, watching the Americans gives us the distinctive flavor of the gala.

Is worthy of our reflection, while China win more gold MEDALS in the world, but for traditional items such as table tennis, badminton, “the project is limited influence” , but it is much less than the super bowl trophy(football), basketball, soccer and other popular sports events has caused great sensation and influence around the world, it is worth our high attention. If someone in the United States filed peyton manning (colts quarterback), kobe Bryant was sidelined. In the United States, the NFL’s concern is far more than the NBA, especially on the super bowl, kobe Bryant can only appears in the image of a fan. “Compared with manning, I think I did not go far enough.” Bryant in an interview with ESPN said. “He is too hard, when I see him in the game, I always feel that their pre-season do enough.”

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