Things to Consider while choosing Summer Camps for Kids

October 30, 2011


“I’d give all wealth that years have piled, The slow result of Life’s decay, To be once more a little child, For one bright summer day” said Lewis Carrol about childhood as the golden period of one’s life, which is adorned with innocence and a hunger for learning.


Every child carries some special memories of childhood as they grow up and colorful summer camps are certainly one of them. The approaching summers leave every parent in pursuit of finding the perfect summer camps for kids; however, there are certain key areas that should be ruminated before settling for a perfect summer camp. The first thing to look for is what kind of summer camp your kids would love to go. Have a look below -


  • Residential or Non-residential camps: Age can be an important factor for determining if a child is fit for residential or non-residential programs since younger children can be averse to the idea of staying away from home for longer periods. Day camps for instance, run for stipulated number of hours offering recreational or educational activities for the children, these may also include day trips during the week to beaches and amusement parks. Residential camps such as Sleep away camps are other types of camps, which offer security and monitoring of the children from a few weeks to the whole summer, exciting activities for children on a daily level are the part of such summer camps.


  • Selecting right Activity or Program: Appropriate camp program that interests the child should always be selected. Camp activities are of various types with some camps indulge in a single activity while others can offer a range of activities. Some popular activities at camps include education, science, performing arts, travel, adventure, water sports, individual sports and team sports.


  • Location of the camp: Many parents prefer to localize their search either in their state or at the close proximity from their homes. A summer camp for kids located nearby is easily commutable when it concerns the safety of their child.



  • Considering the budget: While choosing an appropriate camp, it is important to consider the budgetary constraints, for instance if the budget is small then day camps can prove to be ideal. On the other hand, prices can range from $400 for a week to $9000 for seven to nine weeks; therefore, it is mindful to decide the budget that can narrow your search.


  • Look for Referrals and Accreditation: It is important to interact with children, parents and teachers to get referrals of a commendatory camp service. Even the American Camping Association (ACA) can help in providing unbiased information on various camps and their quality standards.

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